Smoked marijuana and cigarettes 10 days before BBL. Should I be concerned?

Hello everyone. I decided to get a BBL pretty last minute. My surgery is scheduled for Novemeber 19th with Dr. Fisher. This Tuesday (Nov 10th) I hung out with some friends and smoked weed/cigarettes and beer. I normally smoke weed once or twice a week, mostly on weekends. And I smoke cigarettes when I'm stressed. Like half a pack a week more or less. How will this affect my bbl if I do not smoke or drink until surgery and drink lots of water, etc to make up for it?

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Smoking prior surgery.

Smoking days before your surgery is something that nobody should do at all. In fact, smoker patients (that's what I recommend to my patients) should pause it, at least, 2 months prior surgery, and until a month after surgery (this time frame can vary). 
I don't know for how long you've been smoking, but I recommend you to consult a Specialist before your surgery, to check your lungs and make sure you're healthy for this procedure. It would be good for your Surgeon to have a clearance  before he works on you. I hope this answer was helpful.

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Smoking before surgery, be careful. Some advices:

Thanks for sharing your concerns with us. 

In my practice I always suggest my patients to stop smoking at least a month before surgery to avoid unnecesary risks and to persist without smoking at least 2 months after the procedure. 

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Smoked marijuana and cigarettes 10 days before BBL

Greetings.  I recommend patients stop smoking at least 8 weeks in advance of a procedure.  The use of cigarettes and drugs can definitely increase the risk of complications.  Your plastic surgeon may consider delaying the procedure for the sake of safety and caution.

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