What skin creams can I use to make my skin lighter by 3 shades permanently?

Ive done a lot of research on products about skin bleaching & lightening. Now im not extremely dark but i am darker than i was as a teen... Can anyone tell me any skin creams that i can use that will permanently lighten my skin & not make me go back to my original color after i have stopped using the cream? I can never get a straight answer from anyone on names of creams. I do not want to be white but i want to be at least 3 shades lighter, I can not show picks so please answer as best you can.

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Skin Lightening

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I really want to tell you to embrace your beautiful skin!  If you do want to lighten your skin, I would like to give you reasonable expectations.  First, look at the inner part of your upper arm, that is your "natural" skin color without the influence of ultraviolet light.  So, my #1 recommendation is to avoid the sun to the areas you want lightened - daily sunscreen with spf30+ and hats, sun avoidance, etc.  
As far as lightening, I think the best product on the market is the Obagi NuDerm system.  This product contains hydroquinone 4% which kills melanocytes (our pigment cells) so please give your skin a vacation every 3 months for a month or two and use a non-HQ lightening agent such as Derivations, SkinMedica, or Skinceuticals.  

Your skin will get dark again in response to sunlight.  ****Also, if you are avoiding the sun, please supplement with about 2,000 IU of Vitamin D daily.

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