What Can I Do to Get Rid of the Hardness in my Butt Post BBL? When Will It Soften Completely?

I have a one hard spot (size of tennis ball) and another smaller but harder spot (size of marble). It usually isn't problematic but when I exercise the hard spot gets harder and more noticeable to the touch. The hardness is close to the surface of my skin. I had my first BBL 11 months ago and my second 4 months ago. The hard spots were present since the first BBL. How long will it take to soften completely? (6mos, 1yr or longer) What steps can be taken to soften it? (medically and personally)

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Hard areas one year after BBL

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The hard areas may represent areas of fat necrosis which may soften with more time. It also may requie removal surgically. Best to see your surgeon for follow-up.

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Brazillian butt lift

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Lipomas after any fat transfer are common, but a tennis ball size is unusual. see a board certified plastic surgeon and have him or her answer your question.

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What Can I Do to Get Rid of the Hardness in my Butt Post BBL? When Will It Soften Completely?

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    It is hard to know exactly what this may be, but fat necrosis may be giving you the feeling that you have.  The dead or necrosed fat tends to harden with time.  This may well continue to soften with time and massage.  You should visit your plastic surgeon to determine if he or she has any recommendations.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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