Do radio frequency treatments give permenant results?

I read that treatments like venus legacy and trusculpt might not kill fat cells and instead work by just shrinking them. Is this true? Does that mean the results might be less permanent?

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Radio frequency for fat loss

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Hi there! Yes this is true. Radio frequency treatments can not permanently kill fat calls like Coolsculpt can. However, radio frequency treaments can melt the fat that is being stored inside the fat cell (or in other words- shrink them). Your results will depend on your overall lifestyle. The healthier the lifestyle, the longer lasting result.

Boston Physician
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Radio frequency results

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Depending on your desired goals, multiple treatments might be necessary to reach them, but results are permanent as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle. The Venus Legacy uses radio frequency to create heat to break down fat cells, boost collagen production, in addition to tightening your skin. I suggest booking a consultation with a Venus certified provider near you to further discuss your goals.

David Suarez, DO
Staten Island General Surgeon

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