Deep nasolabial folds in young female (21 years old) (Photo)

Im 21 and I have nasolabial folds since 17's. Maybe because my weight always oscillated a lot? nobody in my famly around my age has this problem. I havent been sleeping and eating well though. Some doctors say that fillers might be the best option others disagree. I talked to my dermatologist about it and she said that IPL might help me. Or other skin tightening treatments such as radiofrequecy but some surgeons tell they are no good because they can cause loss volume. maybe I have some disease?

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Fillers can easily resolve this

Thank you for your quotation. You don't have a disease! Even though you are very young, it's not unusual to develop nasolabial folds early in life. The best treatment for you is an injectable filler, such as restylane, juviderm or radiasse. Start with one syringe, which will give you partial correction. You can add more in 3-4 weeks if more correction is desisted, this step-wise approach will help avoid the over corrected look that can result from too much filler in this area. 
IPL will do nothing for your nasolabial folds. radiofreuency treatment would never be a first choice for treatment of nasolabial golds, they are best for overall skin tightening. 
best of luck!

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Deep nasolabial folds in young female (21 years old)

You have 2 separate issues - deep NL folds and once scars. Only filling the folds works whether HA fillers or fat grafting. IPL is better for the skin. But I might offer micro needling first.

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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