Skin between ass and vagina, what is it? (photo)

This looks like a skin tag to me. It feels like extra skin on my anus when I touch it. Could you please tell me if I have Hemorrhoidal Skin Tags? How can I resolve this? Thanks

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Hemorrhoid and anal skin tag

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You have a hemorrhoid with redundant skin. When your hemorrhoid is not flared up you';; mainly notice a skin tag. You can have the anal skin tag excised or a hemorrhoidectomy if it persistently flares up.

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Oscar A. Aguirre, MD
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What is this loose skin and what can I do about it?

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This appears to be a hemorrhoid.  You can try hemorrhoid medication to get the swelling down but it may require surgical removal.  This is probably not a cosmetic procedure unless other things are going on.  Typically hemorrhoids are covered by insurance.  Some gastroenterologists do banding procedures in their offices.   Colorectal surgeons and general surgeons handle this as well.  

You've got a hemorrhoid

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They are frequently multiple. Some are internal and require a little bit of effort to diagnose. Treatment is suppositories or excision. Excision has a short, but painful recovery.


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Dear Ms Rubyshaw

It appears you have a hemorrhoidal skin tag.  This can be treated by surgical excision for two main reasons:  1) it is symptomatic and causes discomfort, difficulty with cleaning and wiping or 2) you don't like the way it looks or feels. Feel free to contact a cosmetic vaginal surgeon or your choice.

John R Miklos MD

Atlanta ~ Beverly Hills ~ Dubai


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Yes, this is a hemorrhoidal skin tag. Don't mess with it if it isn't messing with you., If it's a problem, see either a proctologist or a colo-rectal surgeon or sometimes a cosmetic gynecologist. I operate on hemorrhoids, but best not to mess with them unless they're a real hassle for you! Conservative methods (avoiding constipation, straining on the toilet, using special cream/suppositories, etc...) best to start...

Best wishes,

Michael P Goodman, MD

Davis, CA, USA

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