Skin between ass and vagina, what is it? (photo)

This looks like a skin tag to me. It feels like extra skin on my anus when I touch it. Could you please tell me if I have Hemorrhoidal Skin Tags? How can I resolve this? Thanks

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Hemorrhoid and anal skin tag

You have a hemorrhoid with redundant skin. When your hemorrhoid is not flared up you';; mainly notice a skin tag. You can have the anal skin tag excised or a hemorrhoidectomy if it persistently flares up.

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Dear Ms Rubyshaw

It appears you have a hemorrhoidal skin tag.  This can be treated by surgical excision for two main reasons:  1) it is symptomatic and causes discomfort, difficulty with cleaning and wiping or 2) you don't like the way it looks or feels. Feel free to contact a cosmetic vaginal surgeon or your choice.

John R Miklos MD

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Yes, this is a hemorrhoidal skin tag. Don't mess with it if it isn't messing with you., If it's a problem, see either a proctologist or a colo-rectal surgeon or sometimes a cosmetic gynecologist. I operate on hemorrhoids, but best not to mess with them unless they're a real hassle for you! Conservative methods (avoiding constipation, straining on the toilet, using special cream/suppositories, etc...) best to start...

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Michael P Goodman, MD

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