Is mesotherapy really effective on hair loss treatment? How effective it is ?

I have a hair loss problem since 4 years and i tried almost all treatments with no effect, so finally want to go for mesotherapy as per advice from my doctor.Problem include thinning and falling of hair.

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The most important thing to remember when discussing the topic of mesotherapy for hair loss is that there is not "one" type of mesotherapy. 

Mesotherapy refers to injection into the scalp of chemicals thought to assist in hair growth. Because there are so many different ingredients one might inject - there are literally 100s of different types of mesotherapy. 

Some studies have indeed shown benefit with mesotherapy but more evidence is needed. Mesotherapy is not FDA approved and all treatments are "off label."

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Take Several Months

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Oh my! What was used as your mesotherapy injection? Bruises always fade. Moreover, hyperpigmentation associated with bruising also fades but can take several months to dissipate.

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