I Would Like to Get Mesotheraphy for my Double Chin is That a Good Option? (photo)

I had got 2 treatments of botox on my jaw. I was told this would help soften my square jaw as well as given my face a thinner look.my last treatment was about 7 months ago, I could tell that my jaw doesn't look as square as it did before and my cheeks not as fat as they were before but it does look like I have a double chin now, I heard about mesotheraphy being a good option to get rid of a double chin without having to get surgery. Would it be safe to get that after the botox I had for my jaw?

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Mesotherapy Is A Viable Alternative For Shrinking Fat Deposits In Double Chins

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Mesotherapy is defined as the injection of tiny amounts of pharmaceuticals, chemicals, vitamins into the skin for a variety of purposes. It has been used, for example, to treat cellulite, stimulate new collagen synthesis, and dissolve fat deposits, particularly submental fat deposits (double chins). 

Until recently, there have been no FDA-approved products available for use for any purpose in the U.S. and one product, Lipo-Dissolve, which was brought in from abroad, has been banned for use. 

In the not too distant future, however, Kythera will be introducing its ATX 101 product for treating double chins, which has so far passed FDA scrutiny and will likely be the first product ever approved for this purpose in the States. The product uses desoxycholate, a fat dissolver, to shrink the unwanted fat. Successful treatment typically requires a series of about four treatments and the results are believed to be permanent.

Another company, Lithera, which has developed a mesotherapy product that contains both a steroid and an inhibitor of fat production, is well on its way to eventually garnering FDA approval in the next few years. So, this, too, is encouraging.

In my Israel satellite office, where pharmacy compounded mesotherapy products are regulatory agency permissible for use, I have had extensive experience in successfully using the equivalent of both the above products for several years already, and in fact, these have become routine for use in treating not only unwanted excess submental fat, but belly fat, excess fat around the bra region and even gynecomastia in men.  So, naturally, I eagerly await in my Upper East Side Manhattan practice the introduction of the commercial mesotherapy agents described above. 

As an aside, my experience with the results of radiofrequency devices and ultrasound devices for treating double chins or excess fullness in that region has been disappointing and appears that there is more manufacturer backed marketing hype than hard science behind the use of these devices.

Chin fullness

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I disagree with the dermatologist below. it is very common for dermatologist to offer non permanent treatments such as thermage for someone's neck as yours. We offer these treatments but that is not the best treatment as it is temporary. Me so is not bad as it can give a long lasting result but may take several treatments. The best treatment option is liposuction for your type of chin and your age. This would most likely give you the longest most permanent result.

Mesotherapy versus Thermage treatment

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You might consider Thermage skin tightening for your double chin.  It is a more predictable treatment than mesotherapy.

Martie Gidon, MD, FRCPC
Toronto Dermatologist

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