Female with Androgenic Alopecia. Would Mesotherapy Be Effective?

female of 20 years old diagnosed with androgenic alopecia . My dr prescribed minoxidil 5% to be used day after day and a vitamin . im afraid that i would suffer from hair in unwanted areas ; my face for example . so was looking forward for other effective treatments and whether mesotherapy for hair loss is better or not .

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Hair loss

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The best treatment for alopecia is Neograft.  The procedure is simple, one area on your head is chosen as a donor site (usually at the back).  This donor site will have some individual hairs extracted and then implanted into the area you have alopecia.  The hairs then begin to root and grow like normal hair.  

The procedure is not painful as the area is anesthetized and the patient is kept comfortable for the few hours that the harvest and transplant is being done.

it is best to seek the advice of a good hair restoration physician who is trained and qualified to perform this procedure.  You will be required to have a full consultation to see if this treatment is right for you.

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