Wondering how I can close a 2mm gap between my two front teeth without braces? (Photo)

This is my teeth. I've thought of bonding or using one of those gap bands. Not sure whether they would work or not though. Would bonding help my situation, and would it cost a lot of money?

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How to close a 2mm gap

Bonding can give you a great result at a much more affordable price than porcelain veneers, and without having to file or drill your natural teeth, which is normally required for porcelain veneers.  You just need to make sure you find a dentist that has the cosmetic skills and experience with bonding and uses a material that will be natural looking and long lasting.  We have patients that have been very satisfied with bonding, and it can last for 10 years or longer with occasional touchups if a chip should occur.  

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Consider #veneers rather than bonding #DrSoftTouch

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Bonding can be used to close small spaces and is a budget friendly option.  However, composite bonding is more of a temporary fix. With time, bonding will have to be replaced due to staining and chipping.  The best option for you, that would give you instant results, would be porcelain veneers. Consult with an experienced cosmetic dentist to determine your options. I always recommend viewing before and after photos of actual patients of the dentist that you are considering. This will give you a pretty accurate idea of how your teeth will look. Good luck and I hope this info helps you. Follow me if you have more questions.

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Bonding or veneers

both options are good, the only difference is that the bonding is not along term solution, but you do not need to grind the teeth,and with veneers surely you need to. but both options can be done within just 1 visit. 

Bonding vs. Veneers

Veneers would be more esthetic, and would last longer.

Bonding would look nice for a while but inevitably starts to stain and chip.

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