Differences Between Memory Gel and Cohesive CPG Mentor Implants

What are the differences between the Memory Gel and CPG Cohesive gel implants? Is it true that the CPG is thicker and stronger and will retain shape better and makes for a firmer implant than the FDA approved Memory Gel? Thank you.

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Memory gel, CPG cohesive gel (gummy bear implants)

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Silicone gels can be fabricated with differing degrees of cohesiveness or viscosity. These will determine the qualities of the silicone gel implant. To simplify this the some individuals refer to the generation of the implant. Current implants are considered the third generation. Among the third generation implants there are 3 degrees of increasing thickness. The first type is generally labeled the "memory gel" by Mentor corporation. The second type is no longer available and called the Lumera. The third type is the CPG implant. It is essentially a solid implant. When silicone is solid, we classify the thickness using a measure called the durometer (firmness measure). The CPG is the thickest of all breast implants made. It does retain its shape better and makes for a firmer breast.

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Cohesive gel versus memory gel

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Cohesive gel implants are the "Gummy" implants that are firmer. They need a larger incision for palcement and if they rupture will not ooze. The memory gel implants are the standard gel implants that will feel more natural.

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Memory Gel implants are softer than CPG implants

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Hi there-

As stated by my colleagues, the memory gel implants are less polymerized, so the silicone gel is softer than the solid CPG implants.

Having said that, they are still highly polymerized, and so retain their shape very nicely... Furthermore, because they are softer, it is my opinion that they provide a more natural result (at least in augmentation patients).

I hope that helps. 

Cohesive breast implants

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The Memory Gel is a cohesive implant, but the CPG is firmer and more cohesive. If you were to cut this implant, it would hold its gel, in the same way that a cut gummy bear holds its gummy (hence the term "gummy bear implants"). These do feel firmer than regular silicone implants. The shape is a tear-drop, which is very useful for breast reconstruction after cancer, and in other situations where the patient needs more fill in the upper part of her breast. These implants are not yet available in the US for general use, so if you are very interested in getting them, you will need to find a surgeon in your area who is enrolled in the clinical trials. Good luck, /nsn.

Difference between memory gel and CPG implants

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There is definitely a difference between the new ultra cohesive CPG implants and the memory gel implants.  The CPGs are much firmer.  The CPGs help shape your breast, where as the softer memory gel implants conform to your current breast shape.  Sure the CPGs may cause less rippling, but it does result in a firmer breast - that's the trade-off.  In my experience, only less than 5% of my patients will benefit from the CPG/Allergan 410 implants. Please visit with a board certified PS to learn more about your options.

Best wishes.

Dr. Basu

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