Would fillers make my eyelids bigger?

I have had upper blepharoplasty to make my eyes look more open and bigger, the surgery was great but i would like my eyelids to be bigger, they are still small just less skin covering them, when i was recovering from the surgery and my eyelids were a little swollen they looked amazing and big! was wondering if putting some sort of filler in them would achieve this result?

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More volume to upper eyelids

Actually, not many injectors know this, but the answer is yes!  A blunt-tipped cannula can be used to place a small amount of filler in the upper eyelids.  This is a very rejuvenating technique for aged, or hollowed-out eyes.  Lifting the brows with a series of PellevĂ© treatments may be another way to approach the problem.  An experienced, advanced injector who is a board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon should be able to help you.

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Would fillers make my eyelids bigger? jessckey Melbourne, FL 18 hours ago

Most likely NO! Best to obtain IN PESON examinations to discuss these concerns of your only than can a possible treatment plan be outlined.. 

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Filler after Upper Blepharoplasty

Lack of fill is one of the things that distract the most from the upper eyelids. This is especially true when fat is removed from the lid during blepharoplasty. Even if you had no fat removed, since you liked the appearance with the swelling, I would suggest filling the lid with a filler like Restylane or Belotero. These tend to last quite a while in the eyelid but will resorb and can be reversed. If you like the result, when it has resorbed, I would then do fat grafting to the area. Make sure whomever you use is an expert injector.

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