Why am I shedding so much hair? Will it grow back?

My hair has been shedding ridiculously for the past year and it hasn't stopped, it's so bad I'm beginning to see my scalp and my hair line is becoming less dense. A traumatic incident happened around about a year ago and I went into depression/crash diet/drugs & alcohol for an extensive amount of time till eventually I quit it all and turned my life around. Since then I've focused on my health tremendously however I have noticed my hair has not gone back to it original state. What is wrong?

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Too Much Shedding ? Will it grow back ?

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In females there are too many reasons for shedding of hair as it can be inferred from your history it could be metabolic,nutritional deficiency,drug, stress & so on. Please consult a Hair Restoration Physician & get your tests done. If possible get a Hair analysis done. The cause of hair fall will determine that the hairs will grow back or not.

Massive shedding

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There are many causes of shedding, rather than just one. Three things are needed to diagnosis hair loss: 1) a full history of the patient's hair loss 2) close examination of the scalp and 3) review of blood tests. Without these three it's not possible to determine what is going on. I would advise to see a dermatologist to review these 3 parameters. Once that diagnosis is known, treatment can be planned.

Jeff Donovan, MD, PhD
Vancouver Dermatologist

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