Is a severe burning sensation normal after breast aug?

I had a breast aug 2 weeks ago. I have severe sharp/burning pain to only my left breast that is worse when I change positions or use my left arm

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Are burning sensations normal after breast augmentation?

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Burning sensations are common following breast augmentation surgery, however, the intensity reported varies tremendously from patient to patient. Muscles have been stretched and as nerves awaken and reconnect it can cause a variety of sensations which are sometimes unpleasant. These symptoms should pass fairly quickly, usually in a matter of weeks, and as long as they aren't accompanied with unusual swelling, redness or dramatic worsening, shouldn't cause you lasting problem. Be sure to discuss any symptoms with your doctor and/or his nursing staff so they can recommend appropriate action.

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Burning sensation during recovery

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Burning sensations are very common this early in the healing process. Caused by the implant slowly stretching out the muscles and nerves inside the chest creating a burning feeling. That being said they do not commonly last long, several weeks usually. If the pain worsens dramatically or lasts for longer than expected I would set up a consultation with your plastic surgeon in order to get accurate in-person answers that are invaluable and hopefully put your mind at ease. Visiting your doctor also lets him confirm there is nothing majorly wrong causing the burning. (no photos to assess)

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