Are 'Matrix RF' and 'E-Matrix' the Same Thing?

I see many mentions of Matrix RF on this site. I came here looking for information on e-Matrix, however I don't see very much information. Are these just different names for the same thing?

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Matrix RF and eMatrix - Williamsville, NY acne care and acne scar center

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Thank you for your question about these medical devices. 

eMatrix uses RF energy and delivers it in a sublative manner, not disrupting the spidermis of the skin, the most superficial layer of the skin when used in low energy settings. 

eMatrix is used to treat atrophic acne scars, some types of ice pick scars (Dr Raffy's criteria is used), rolling acne scars, boxed acne scars as well as burn scars and early surgical scars. 

We use it extensively in our Williamsville, NY office and our offices in Santa Monica CA (Kare Plastic Surgery). 

Matrix RF and e-Matrix are not the same thing

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No, they are not the same thing. Unfortunately the company that made these machines (Syneron) chose two procedures that are different and gave them similar names. You can visit their website to see the difference! e-Matrix is a semi-ablative resurfacing procedure, and Matrix RF/IR (formerly called Polaris and WR) is a laser treatment using a diode system and radio frequency. It's very confusing for practitioners and patients too.

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