Is It Normal to Have Solid E-matrix Grid Patterns with Raised Blister Like Bumps?

I had my 2nd E-matrix treatment on level C a few days ago. That same night I noticed much of the grid patters were solid other than pin point dots, and within those solid patches are raised white blister like bumps.......which are very painful. Is it normal or did I get burned?

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Marks from e-Matrix

This sounds like swelling along each of the pinpoint areas, which is normal when treating on higher settings. There really isn't a way to "burn" with eMatrix because there's no light or laser component to it, and using the higher settings really does give better results. However, the higher settings can, like you are experiencing, come with a bit of swelling and edema. I would apply hydrocortisone after cool water to the entire face and take an OTC allergy pill. Both of these will help significantly. If you have any other issues, call the office that treated you to be seen.

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EMatrix rarely causes blistering, but it could - Williamsville, NY

Eventually, at the highest energy levels, the eMatrix moves beyond sublative and can cause epidermal blisering - but this is rare. 

It will heal. I try to avoid such levels of treatment, if I can. 


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