Is it OK to massage neck muscles if you get neck pain after Botox injections?

It has been two weeks with neck pain that has not diminished much. My Dr. injected a trigger point for a specific injection site that was even more painful and it took care of that, but the neck and shoulder pain is the same? I have been prescribed a 10 days of Tizanidine and Hydrocodone -acetaminophen not get relief.

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Botox and Massage

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It sounds as if you have severe neck pain.  Massaging several days after Botox injections will have no affect on your Botox.  I would return to your treating physician to see if your muscle is in spasm or what other medications might be effective for the best treatment.

Neck pain after Botox

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If I understand correctly, Botox injections helped one painful site but did not help the neck and shoulder pain.
Assuming Botox was injected into these muscles -
  • massage of the muscles should be fine, assuming you have no condition that makes massage dangerous,
  • you may need more Botox if the injections were not effective,
  • a different muscle relaxant than Tizanidine may help,
  • Most effective is contacting the doctor who treated you to plan the next step.

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