Is It Best to Get a TT Before You Get a BBL? (photo)

I'm 5'4 curently at 190lbs and losing 30lbs to 160lbs before surgury on 12/19/12.I have 3 kids and tied my tubes.Now I'm ready to fix the damage!I went to see several docs that said I need a TT do to the heavyness of my stomach.I want my BBL & I went to see doc and he said that it's best to do a TT 1st then a BBL.I feel that i want all the fat sucked out then tighten up, I feel I'm going backwards. He also said if I get BBL 1st that he can't do the TT until up to 1 year later. I'm confused,HELP!

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Tummy tuck before BBL

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This is a great question. I have experience with this scenario. I would recommend having a tummy tuck done first to remove the extra skin, and then a BBL 3-4 months later. One reason to do it in this order, is that you only have to wait 3-4 months to have the BBL. Another reason is that if for any circumstance (e.g. financial, personal), you are not able to have the second procedure (i.e. BBL), your body will look significantly improved. If you choose the reverse order and have the BBL done first, you are likely to have loose hanging skin after the liposuction, specifically in the lower abdomen. You generally have to wait about 6-9 months for the inflammation from the liposuction to subside, before proceeding with a tummy tuck. If you cannot have the second procedure which is the tummy tuck (e.g. for financial or personal reasons), you are left with hanging skin and an unattractive figure. Many patients worry about having enough fat for the BBL if they do a tummy tuck first. If you go to a surgeon who is experienced with liposuction and the brazilian butt lift, he or she will let you know if you have enough fat. So therefore please consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon who is well versed in these procedures. 

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Multiple surgeries

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congratulations on losing the weight. certainly i have not examined you, but i would be concerned about not using the fat from the tummy tuck in your bottom. i would probably do both at once. i would start with liposuction of your tummy. once done, flip you over and continue with the lipo of the back and hips. then after processing the fat, place it into your buttocks as necessary. after this, flip you over and finish the tummy tuck. i would want you off your bottom for the first 24 hours. so you could be on your side laying down. the next day you could sit up. this way all this could be accomplished with one surgery.

Eric Weiss, MD, FACS
Orange Park Plastic Surgeon
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Is It Best to Get a TT Before You Get a BBL?

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Great question and I see your confusion. I must assume your surgery would be in an office operating setting. That is why your chosen surgeon (?if board certified PS?) or the clinic you visited tried to explain the rules/regulations, guarding you, during office surgery in Florida. By Board of Medicine rule any combination of surgeries, in your case full TT with Liposuction and BBL, limits the total volume of lipoed fat to 1 liter (ONLY) removed. So the amount of possible transferrable fat is less that that. Thus the BBL result would be very limited. If doing ONLY liposuction this amount of pure fat removed increases to 4 liters. Thus in that case the BBL could be done using much more fat to transfer. This all changes if you are done as in patient in hospital operation setting with over night stay. But the fees also might increase significantly. We would be interested in who you say and where the planned operation is being done. 

Suction vs tummy

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I will soemtimes do belt lipo suction as the patient is losing weight.This  provides soem encouragement to the patient.?They lose their extra 20 or 30 pounds then I do the TT.This is good.If you have loose skin then you have to cut it away. 

Robert Brueck, MD
Fort Myers Plastic Surgeon
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Tummy tuck before brazilian butt lift

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i would actually advise you to lose weight prior to any procedures. You will be healthier and have a better result. The tummy tuck should be the first procedure you should do.

Norman Bakshandeh, MD, FACS
New York Plastic Surgeon

Tummy tuck before BBL

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You need the tummy tuck. The BBL is purely optional. You will have a much better sense of body contour after the tummy tuck and it will greatly improve your appearance. Personally, it is desirable for you to lose the weight and then stabilize before the surgery. Separating the procedures is also safer than a long, combination operation involving turning you on the OR table and a more complicated recovery.

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