I'm age 21-22 with minor diffuse thinning. Would I be a good candidate for hair transplant?

Diffuse thinning runs in my family and have some minor to moderate thinning in the frontal third. I've been on finasteride and minox for two years and it has not changed one bit since I was 18, there may even be some improvement, but not cosmetically significant. I really believe 1000-1500 grafts could completely fix any thinning spots. No one in my family is completely bald and all have thick donor areas (so probably not DUPA). As an informed patient, would a conservative surgery be appropriate

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If you have diffuse thinning you probably would not be a good candidate for surgery. You should see a doctor

If you have diffuse thinning you probably would not be a good candidate for surgery.  You should see a doctor for the right diagnosis.

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Transplant for thinning hair at age 22

Impossible to say without an in-person evaluation--or at the very least, a preliminary consultation via Skype/photos/video. There are a good reasons most hair transplant surgeons take a conservative approach to hair loss in younger men, but it is conceivable you might be an exception to the rule. I think it is important for you to see at least two experienced, full-time hair transplant surgeons to get some guidance. In the meantime, if you haven't already discovered camouflage products like Toppik and Hair Illusion, you might want to check out the YouTube videos and give them a try. Thanks for your question--hope this was helpful.Dr. Ballon

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22 years old wants a hair transplant

We generally do not recommend hair transplants in 22 year old males because the final hair loss pattern is not evident so that long term planning can't be done properly. Starting at this age may commit you to a lifetime of hair transplants if your pattern is eventually advanced.  Don't rush

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An In person consult

would be a good place to start but in general it sounds like at this point you may not be the ideal candidate. 

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