How Useful Are Lymphatic Massages After Lipo?

How useful are lymphatic massages after lipo?

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Lymphatic Massage after Liposuction

Lymphatic massage is a great adjunct to liposuction.  The only hesitation I have for a blanket recommendation is the cost.  There is no other down side, and most patients feel that it is helpful.  Having said that, though, it is not necessary and probably does not improve the final result - it just helps you get there faster.

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Lymphatic Massage after Liposuction

I have been really pleased with my local lymphatic therapist, who is extremely well trained (make sure you go to a licensed therapist with specific training and certification in lymphatic massage). Since lymphatic massage is so gentle, it can be started very early after surgery if desired. It really can help patients with postoperative swelling, and it feels good! Long term, the swelling will go away eventually, whether you get lymphatic massages or not. Wearing compression garments and drinking enough fluids, eating a healthy diet, and ambulating (walking around) are the mainstays of postoperative care; lymphatic massage is another tool that can be used to help people recover faster. As noted, discuss with your plastic surgeon first.

Meghan K. McGovern, MD
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Post Operative Lymphatic Massage

Hello and thank you for your question!  In my practice, I actually will bundle in two post operative lymphatic massage treatments for all of my liposuction and abdominoplasty patients.  These massages are performed by licensed therapists that come to our office for the patients' convenience.  They are performed at the patient's one week and two week post-operative visits.  We see significant reduction in swelling following these massages at the patient's latter visits compared to patients who forego the treatment.  Good Luck!

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Lymphatic massage and liposuction

Thanks for a great question.  First, I think lymphatic massage should not be started for at least two weeks after liposuction if you are going to do it.  Next make sure you are seeing a licensed therapist.  I think massage can improve the result of liposuction, but the most important factors affecting your results are the nature of your tissues, the amount of cellulite, and frankly who is doing the liposuction.  As always, do not deviate from your individual surgeon's treatment plan without a discussion with them.

Vishnu Rumalla, MD
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