Benefit To Lymphatic Massage After Smart Lipo?

I had smart lipo on my abs and flanks friday the 9th. I have heard of people getting lymphatic massage done. Is there a bebefit to this? Just need a straight answer. Thank you!

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Massage after liposuction is good.

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SmartLipo is one brand name for laser-assisted liposuction in which a small laser fiber is inserted via the liposuction incision into the fat to deliever laser energy. The laser energy is designed to destroy the fat cells and (according to the company's marketing and doctors who "advertise" this technique) "tighten" the skin by thermally heating the underside of the skin.

While this actually does destroy the fat cells, and can burn the underside of the skin (causing scars) if overaggressively applied, SmartLipo is probably best only for very small areas such as under the chin. Trying to properly laser-treat larger areas is a bit like trying to heat a kettle of soup with a Bic lighter--too much volume for too tiny an energy source. So SmartLipo's main advantage is marketing! You know, LASER anything is the latest and greatest and up-to-datest!

BTW, I teach laser surgery and have used various types of laser lipo over the past two decades. It really adds nothing (except hype) to large-area liposuction such as abs and flanks over ultrasonic liposuction or even "traditional" liposuction (liposculpture). And regardless of the source of the fat removal "injury," the healing and downtime is unchanged!

But, regardless of the type of liposuction you received, hopefully your surgeon is a skilled sculptor (remember, it's what remains that give you your appearance, not what's taken away!) and has given you a good-looking result. The operated sites (flanks and abs in your case) are injured, and tiny lymphatic vessels are part of what needs to heal to restore fluid and swelling reabsorption. Lymphatic (or regular) massage helps your healing areas remove swelling and promote lymphatic drainage as your body recovers.

My partner and I have employed a massage therapist in our office for over 24 years, and our liposuction patients will attest to the value massage, infrared, and ultrasonic therapy has added to their care, and perhaps even enhancing their results!

Just don't start it too soon (I recommend no sooner than 3 weeks after surgery--usually 4weeks is better) and go gently at first because it may be uncomfortable. Best wishes!

Minneapolis Plastic Surgeon
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Lymphatic drainage massage very helpful after liposuction.

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I think that smart lipo is just a marketing gimmick, but lymphatic drainage massage is good after any kind of liposuction.  It helps get rid of swelling and ensures a smooth result.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

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