After Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery, How Much Lymphatic Massages Are Patients Supposed to Get for Optimal Results?

Having the BBL proc. soon---w/ lipo to arms, flanks, back and abdomen.I wanted to get an idea of how often we should have the lymp massages and for how long so i can attain optimal results. My surgery is in another state where ill be staying for 9d to recuperate, then going back to NY. Also,w/ the massages, although they are beneficial for draining fluid, etc, if one happens to have a blood clot that hasn't been detected--is it possible the massage could dislodge it and result in pulm. embolism?

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Lymphatic Massages after Brazilian Butt Lift

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The lymphatic massages can be beneficial to speed up the healing process. What the massage therapist is doing is moving the stored fluids in the liposuction areas to the lymphatic drainage system. By removing the excess fluids you are closing the gap between tissues and allowing them to heal faster.

The con of having the lymphatic massages is that it is an uncomfortable feeling. You are being massaged in areas that are still tender and bruised. But if you feel the benefit of faster healing is worth it, then proceed. Average treatment sessions for post liposuction patients is 8 massage sessions. Once per week.

After Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery, How Much Lymphatic Massages Are Patients Supposed to Get for Optimal Results?

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At least 2 months after surgery. Seek a plastic surgeon who performs hundreds of these procedures, has great reviews and photos, and is an expert in this field.

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I personally do not recommend lymphatic massage after BBL

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I personally do not recommend lymphatic massages after BBLs.  I know this is popular in many places, especially in South America, but I have not seen good evidence that it has any good long term benefits. Yes, it may make your swelling go down more quickly, but in my patients the swelling always goes down anyway.  The massages are extremely painful and I think they actually cause more trauma to the area. Using good liposuction techniques during my BBLs, I have never had a seroma and never use drains.  I am sure you will get a variety of opinions about the value of lymphatic massage, and I am actually interested in hearing how my colleagues who also do a lot of BBLs feel about this issue.

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