Should I Be Worried about a Lump in my Upper Left Butt Cheek 5 Days Post-Op BBL?

I am now 5 days post op after my bbl. My right butt cheek looks normal, but my upper left cheek has a lump which makes my left butt cheek look abnormal. It feels a little hard, sore and tender to the touch. I have read reviews about harding of rejected fat cells. Is this what it is? Should I be worried? Will it go away? What are the signs of fat cell harding? Could swelling be the cause of the lump?

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Brazilian Butt Lift

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Lumps are normal for several weeks so try to remain calm and give it some time. Thank you for your question and good luck.

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Brazilian butt lift complications

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It is too soon to determine if in fact you will have a problem like fat necrosis. There are too many factors at the moment that will need to be taken into consideration. Certainly, you need to talk to your plastic surgeon and make sure you are not having an infection that can turn into an abscess.

Lump in Buttocks after Brazilian Butt Lift.

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Hey SexyLibra
This may or may not be anything to worry about.  There are several possible explanations.  This might be a collection of fluid or blood.  It could also be an area of swollen fat or possibly infection.  It is definitely something that you should have checked out by your surgeon.
As far as it being "Rejected Fat Cells".... That doesn't happen.  Either they live or they die.  Your cannot reject your own fat cells.   

Brazilian Buttock lift

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After fat transfer to the buttocks the presence of a hard lump is not normal. See your doctor ASAP.

That could be fat, could be fluid and could be infection

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