Lump Above Belly Button Post Tummy Tuck

Hi, I had ask a similar question in another post, but never posted photos. I am now 8 months post tummy tuck with umbilical float. My belly button sits 2 cm lower, than before. What is bothering the most is a small lump I have above my belly button. I cant do any core work without discomfort and it feels like is going to pop out when I cough or sneeze. Also when I contract my muscle laying down it pops out like if it was my muscle. My surgeon told me it was my muscle, but i am not sold. help!

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Tummy Tuck Concerns.

Thank you for your question and photos. Notwithstanding your concerns, you have an excellent tummy tuck result and figure.  Muscle tightening can cause discomfort for some time after surgery especially in fit patients like yourself. It resolves with time.  Your belly button looks normal.  It is difficult to tell from the photos, but you may have some fullness above the belly button below the sternum.  This is most likely the muscle as your surgeon suggested in someone in shape like yourself. Another potential cause is a bursa or inflammation if your recovery was complicated by a seroma...this is unlikely if your recovery was uneventful.  It is best to discuss this matter further with your surgeon.  You trusted him/her to care for you and they delivered an excellent result.  There is no reason to not trust their judgement and counseling at this point.  Best wishes on our recovery.

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Tummy Tuck

The area could be your muscle and just some inflammation from the sutures used to tighten the muscle.  Sometimes it can take up to 6-8 months before they calm down, longer in a few cases.

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Lots of reasons for a lump.

There are many possibilities for a lump after a "floating" tummy tuck. This could be the stalk of the belly button from its previous attachment. Often times a small umbilical hernia is present. These small hernias can become more pronounced when the abdominal wall is contracted. If a muscle plication was performed, sometimes the muscle and fascia can form a bit of a "knot" in the midline. This knot improves over time as the abdominal wall heals. Scar tissue, fat deposits, and sutures are all less likely causes. Overall, your result is great. Give yourself several more months and see how this changes. In most instances, these sorts of issues resolve without any intervention.

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Could be a variety of things like scar tissue, fat deposits, suture, etc. The most likely explanation from your description is a hernia where the belly button was cut free or a problem with the repair of the rectus muscles or lack of repair. Your results look good, but this should be addressed. Discuss with your surgeon or get a second opinion

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Muscle repair lump



You probably have an area in your muscular repair in which the muscle was either not repaired at all or where the repair is not as tight. You are seeing this area "pop out" when you strain down. See your surgeon to confirm this and to discuss what you might want to do about it.


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Tummy tuck with a lump

Your tummy tuck results look awesome. I can think of two possibilities for your problem (though I am sure there are others). One may be that your are feeling a knot from the sutures used to repair the muscle. Sometimes the body reacts to that by forming scar tissue, and sometimes it reacts badly and forms a granuloma, that may need removal. The other possibility is that you have a hernia at the site of the "stem" of the umbilicus. The "popping out" you describe suggests that. Your surgeon might want to clarify this with an ultrasound.

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Lump above the belly button after tummy Tuck with floating umbilicus

Thank you for your question. You need to be examined by a board certified plastic surgeon if your current surgeon is not giving you adequate answers.

As others have stated the possibilities include a failure of diastases sutures and recurrence above the belly button, a hernia at the prior belly button site, or residual fat if liposuction was done

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