Will Lumineers Help with Teeth Sensitivity?

My 20-year-old daughter has an inherited mal-enamel condition, worsened by wearing Braces as a young teen. Her teeth are sensitive, take on the color of what she is drinking.

We are thinking about Lumineers? Will this help the sensitivity?

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Some conditions do not bond well

Be sure to ask about what condition your daughter has. Some conditions mean that the enamel is not normal, and bonding ANYTHING to them is not predictable. In that case, veneers would not work and full coverage crowns that are cemented in place (and not bonded) would be required. The advantage here would be that the entire tooth is covered up.

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Sensitive teeth options

Lumineers or any porcelain veneer should help with sensitivity on the front teeth. Once the veneers are bonded, the enamel is covered which should protect the underlying tooth structure from painful stimuli. If the back teeth also have this condition, veneers are not a practical solution for sensitivity for back teeth. There are many other options available that you may want to ask your dentist about: fluoride treatments in the office as well as at home, desensitizing tooth paste, conservative bonding and desensitizing varnishes that your dentist or hygienist can apply locally, just to name a few.

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