Lumineers for Bottom Teeth

Can a person get lumineeers for just the bottom teeth, or would that look strange? What is the person's top teeth are in good condition, but the bottom look bad.

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Lumineers for lower teeth....

There are concerns that need to be addressed before doing veneers on the lower teeth.

You need space for the veneers. If your lower teeth hit your upper teeth when you close together, you may not have room for veneers. Lumineers are typically done in very thin areas and traditionally without preparation. If your teeth hit each other in the front, there is not enough room.

Secondly, veneers typically need a slight preparation in order to look esthetically pleasing, otherwise you might see the margin, the contact edge, or the tooth might look bulky on the top when you view it.

Finally, if your teeth are crowded and the space is limited, you might consider orthodontics instead.

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Veneers on lowers

I would absolutely recommend porcelain veneers over Lumineers, especially on lower teeth. Lumineers are a brand of prepless veneers. While some veneer cases can be accomplished with minimal preparation they are rarely no-prep as advertised especially since the lower teeth need more room so as not to hit the upper teeth too much when biting. I have personally redone at least 30 Lumineer cases that were done by a previous dentist. They tend to look bulky, they fractured easily and the gum tissue was inflamed because of improper emergence profile and a ledges at the gumline. Beautiful result are possible with veneers. And yes, depending on the case it is possible to do just the lowers. They are a big investment, so my recommendation would be to do your research and do them right the first time! Best of luck to you!

Victoria Veytsman, DDS
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Maybe, if you have room

Most of my patients who request Lumineers want the minimum (or none) prep to their teeth.  This is a difficult concept to communicate fully to patients.  Sometimes Lumineers are a great and best option - other times it really isn't.

Lower front teeth are the biggest question area.  To be a good candidate for Lumineers, you need room between your lower front teeth and the back of your upper teeth.  If you do, then Lumineers may be a great option for you.  Best of luck - do find a qualified cosmetic dentist for your personal consultation and find out your best solution. 

Greg Lutke, DDS
Plano Dentist

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Lumineers for lower teeth

The answer is "it depends."  There's nothing wrong with placing veneers or Lumineers just on lower teeth.  It's done all the time.  Before proceeding with any type of cosmetic treatment it's important to have a preview.  Your dentist can either order a wax-up from a lab or have a computer generated preview for you.  Once both of you are satisfied with your goals, then you can discuss the possible methods to achieve those results.  Lumineers are an excellent treatment option but they have to be used for the right situation.  Good Luck!I!

Peter Mann, DDS
Manhattan Dentist
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Lumineers for lower teeth

What is your objective for placing Lumineers on your lower teeth? Are your teeth crowded or have gaps?  Are they badly worn?  Wrong color? If the Lumineers are to correct only crowding I would recommend you consider realigning the teeth with clear aligners.  Straightening teeth that are otherwise healthy is always a better choice than placing restorations. There are various cosmetic options for straightening teeth and it requires much less time than you might think, are comfortable and improves the long-term health of the teeth. 

Brad Lockhart, DDS
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Lumineers on lower teeth require the entire arch

Since lower teeth usually touch upper teeth, room does not exist for traditional lumineers. Lumineers are designed for "no prep" but lower teeth require some prep. Find an experienced cosmetic dentist to guide you through this process.

Lance Timmerman, DMD, MAGD
Seattle Dentist
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Can I have Lumineers on just my Bottom Teeth?

You can have Lumineers, or standard veneers on really ANY of your teeth that show. If your lower or bottom teeth are really crowded or misaligned, it may take treating them with standard porcelain veneers to get the spacing to look right. 

With lower teeth that are really crowded sometimes some preparation of the teeth is necessary to actually thin the teeth in the areas that look too thick. Sometimes just laying the veneers over the different crowded areas without tooth shaping can leave some of the teeth looking huge.

You could have a wax design or wax up made to see what it may look like without any preparation. You could then preview it in a plastic mock-up and see what you think. 

A good cosmetic dentist should be able to walk you through these concepts. Like any other cosmetic dentistry procedure, clear communication and a good discussion about exactly what you are expecting are the keys.

Just like anything, it depends...

The first issue is whether or not you have room.  In other words, do the fronts of your bottom teeth touch the back of your top teeth when biting together?  If they do, you cannot have Lumineers with no prep.  If you have room, you most likely would be a candidate.

Tom Hedge, DDS
Houston Dentist
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