Lumineers Before and After Photos

I'm considering getting Lumineers. What should I be looking for in Lumineers before and after pictures? Should I be able to see the edges of the teeth (ie, photos of the gums) so I can gauge how natural they look? Thanks.

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I would absolutely recommend porcelain veneers over Lumineers. Lumineers are just a brand of prepless veneers. While some veneer cases can be accomplished with minimal preparation they are rarely no-prep as advertised. I have personally redone at least 30 Lumineer cases that were done by a previous dentist. They looked bulky, they fractured easily and the gum tissue was inflamed because of improper emergence profile and a ledges at the gumline. Beautiful result are possible with veneers. They are a big investment, so my recommendation would be to do your research and do them right the first time! Best of luck to you!

Do they look natural?

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The big question is... Do they look natural?  Are the gums red and inflamed.  They should look like real teeth, not veneers with pink healthy gums.

Lumineers photos

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Everybody's smile is different. What veneers will work best for you will be determined by your dentist. Let them take few good photos of you with full face smiles and just teeth. Discuss then in detail as to what your smile will look at the end. Any veneers can be made to look natural.

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Is lumineers best for you?

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Lumineers is one brand of Prepless Veneers. You want to seek out a dentist that is skilled in multiple methods and materials to enhance your smile. Prepless Veneers can be made to look natural and life-like. It takes skill and experience on the part of the Cosmetic Dentist and the Ceramist. Look for a Dentist with credentials, experience, and many before and after photos of his/her own work.

Mickey Bernstein, DDS
Memphis Dentist

Lumineers are not what you want if you want natural

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Unfortunately, the porcelain that is used in Lumineers is not the best.

The most important thing to look for in before and after photos of veneer cases is the overall beauty of the smile. In most before and after photos you will not even see the gum lines because many people don't show it when they smile.

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