Lumineers After Invisalign?

I wanted to get Lumineers to close a gap in the front of my teeth. The Dentist suggested I get Invisalign because when closing a gap, the teeth don't look natural, it's too big.

I did get the Invisilign 3 years ago but my teeth are not tight. I can still move them with my finger. I went to a periodontist and he said my gums were in bad shape and Invisalign was probably not a good idea.

Can I get Lumineers now? Will my teeth fall out? Should the dentist have checked my gums before Invisalign?

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You can have Lumineers or veneers after your gums are healthy

I am so so sorry that your dentist went ahead with Invisalign when you obviously had some periodontal problems! Before you go ahead with any other procedure, PLEASE see a periodontist! Once your gums are healthy, then you may either try lumineers or veneers. Your dentist was remiss by not diagnosising your periodontal condition and going ahead with a procedure that has not worked...maybe you should seek another opinion from another dentist before continuing with the one you are seeing! Hope this helps! Again I am so sorry you had to go through this!

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Periodontal health has to be good before any cosmetic dentistry

The health of your gum and bone is the most important factor prior to deciding to any ortho or restorative work. Please seek periodontal treatment before doing Invisalign or veneers.

Jennifer Jablow, DDS
New York Dentist

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