Lovenox? Injection Site Recommendation?

I'm having a full tuck with MR, lipo on flanks, and augmentation. My plastic surgon does lovenox for 7 days post op. My question is were do you recommend injecting? I did ask my plastic surgeon and he did say he wasnt sure if most people do it in there arms or legs. I do work in a hospital and I have been told my our pharmasist that the abdomin is usually the only place they recommend but he wasnt to familar with placement on the belly due to the trauma.. Where do you recommend to your patients?

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#Lovenox? Injection Site Recommendation? ANS:

Our nurses in the recovery care center aim for "unbound unwrapped fatty tissue" and if the patient has had Lipo of the tummy and hips with their TT then the next best place is the upper thigh, almost hip...they don't use the arm....

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Lovenox Injection Site

The manufacture recommends the abdomen or "love handles".  Apparently those were the test sites, and there are no safety studies for other sites.

Although the abdomen may not be a great choice here, the flanks should be OK. The needles for insertion is at 45 degrees and is quite superficial, and the liposuction is typically deeper in most areas. 

Otherwise any area with a reasonable fat pad (hips) should work well.

Thanks, best wishes.

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The levonox need to be injected subcutaneously. at a 45 decree angle in the fatty tissue. It can be your thigh, you abdomen or arms.

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Lovenox after tummy tuck

Lovenox after tummy tuck is given in a subcutaneous injection site. The abdomen will be out after tummy tuck, though an alternate site to inject into a fatty space is the hip or side of the thigh. The arm is OK too, just less fat, and you have only one hand to work with.

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Lovenox Injections

Typically the Lovenox site for our patients is in the arm or leg.  I don't really think it makes a big difference where it is injected, but rather you follow your surgeon's recommendation to contine the Lovenox for 7 days.  Make sure to not inject the Lovenox in an area that has been treated either with liposuction, a lift, tuck, or whatever else you may have undergone. 


Hope this help!!

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