I Have Been Told That my Breast is Detached from my Pectoral Muscle. Is It Fixable?

I have been told that my breast is detached from my pectoral muscle. Is it fixable? I dont have any fullness to the top part of my breast and when I lay down it all goes so far to the side, I look like a little boy. What can I do?

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I Have Been Told That my Breast is Detached from my Pectoral Muscle. Is It Fixable?

This is a very unclear description of your situation.  First of all do you have implants or not.  Because if you do, this would sound like your capsules are excessively large and you can have it corrected by a capsulorrhaphy.  Photos and a clearer description would help us give you better advice.

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Detached breast tissue

Your description is pretty vague.  It would be best to submit photos in order to be able better advise you.  You may need a lift performed.

Ronald J. Edelson, MD
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Breast Detached From Pectoral Muscle? #breastimplants

Thank you for your question. From what you describe it sounds like you have implants that are falling off to the side when you lay down. Usually this requires a pocket revision surgery. If it is a simple issue whereby the implant pocket is just too big I often times can place sutures towards the outer part of the breast pocket to hold the implants into position. If your situation is more complex then there are other products that can be used to fix this issue. Obviously a direct physical exam is needed in order to know exactly what is going on. I do these cases all the time and since you are in my area I would be happy to see you for this issue. Best of luck!

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Breast issue

Thank you for your description, but unfortunately without an exam it is very difficult to say what you could benefit from.

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Breast Detached from pectoral muscle

I am assuming from your comment about looking like a little boy, that your breast flatten out completely when you lie down. If that is the case, it is not really detached from the muscle, it just has very loose attachments to the muscle. If you had a previous implant that was removed, the implant pocket might not close completely off and the same situation can occur. Either way, placement of breast implants can improve your appearance. If you have extreme laxity or sagging breast, adding a breast lift can help.

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Is breast detached from the pectoral muscle?

Unless you have had prior breast augmentation with an implant on top of the muscle, this does not make much sense.  You could have significantly stretched out breast tissue that falls to the side when you lie down, but it would still be attached to the muscle.

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Do you have breast implants?


Thank you for the question.  Breast tissue itself is barely connected to the cover of the pectoralis muscle by a few very small fibers.  In essence, breast tissue is really suspended within the skin and soft tissue of the chest and not directly attached to the chest muscles themselves. With age the skin and soft tissue stretch which results in the breast being more "droopy" when standing and more likely to go to the side (arm pit) when laying down.  A breast lift can help correct some of these issues.  The link below is from one of my patients before and after photos that had a breast lift procedure.

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Dr. Remus Repta

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I Have Been Told That my Breast is Detached from my Pectoral Muscle.

I am not at all sure what this means. 

Have you had breast surgery?  If so, and if the implants are above the muscle, you may have a large implant pocket that permits the implant to fall off to the side.  If you have under the muscle implants this explanation would not hold.

If you have never had breast surgery, I am not sure that this statement could be correct, or how someone would even suspect that.

All the best. 


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