How Risky is Masturbation After Breast Augmentation? I Am Ten Days Post Op and Did It Today but Am Now Concerned!

I couldn't take this "no sex" for two week rule but thought masturbation would be ok, although now I realize that my heart rate went up and am concerned if that was a bad idea. I won't be doing it again but was wondering how risky that was and if I should be concerned or call my doctor?

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Post breast augment masturbation

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As long as the breasts themselves aren't subjected to physical trauma (handling, squeezing) I think you'll be O.K.

An increased pulse rate shouldn't be a problem.

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Sex after breast augmentation

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Thank you for your question. I generally recommend waiting until all the swelling is down before engaging in sexual activity including masturbation as it can raise your heart rate/blood pressure. So typically two weeks would be fine. However, I would not recommend a lot breast manipulation as part of your sexual activities until you are closer to six weeks.  I would not necessarily contact your doctor unless you noticed increased swelling or discomfort.

Masturbation after Breast Augmentation

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Don't worry. The only real potential issue would be bleeding in the breast pocket which could occur with aggressive manipulation of the breast in the early postop period. As long as you haven't had significant swelling of one breast, you probably have not done any harm.

Sexual Activity after Breast Augmentation?

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 If you have noticed a change in breast size etc. contact your plastic surgeon,  otherwise probably no harm done

 Best wishes.

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