Why Are There Red Lines on my Skin After Lipo? (photo)

There are deep red lines on both of my arms after liposuction, I am one week out from the surgery, I had a Brazilian butt lift & lower/mid/back abdomen, batwing and axxila lipo. I just took off my bandages to my terror I found these very dark red lines on both arms. I am very scared these will be permanent. Why did they form and how can I make them go away??

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Red marks after surgery

From your photo it looks as though these red marks are from a combination of early bruising and the compression garment which can cause some folds in the skin- if this is the issue it will completely resolve.  You should discuss your concerns with your surgeon, however, so he or she can alleviate your fears and discuss your questions.

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Skin discoloration for short time after liposuction is common.

After liposuction bruising, inflammation in stretch marks, or marks from the dressing can cause discoloration in the skin. These are self-limited and will be examined by the plastic surgeon during the postoperative period.

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Red Lines on Skin after Liposuction

   The red lines on the skin after liposuction look to be areas of pressure from the garment with little areas of bruising.  These areas should be assessed by your plastic surgeon to assess viability of the skin.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Red Lines on my Skin After Lipo?

These are difficult to diagnose based on  just a photo. A call and a visit to your surgeon is in order. Once he/she knows what this is, a treatment plan can be made. All the best. 

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