How Long Do I Wait to See Slimming Results of my Jawline After Using Botox?

I've waited for a month, and I definitely see results. Will my jaw continue to slim after waiting a little longer? I will include that I naturally have med-large masseter muscles of Asian decent.

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By now you should see them

By this time, you will probably see the true results of your treatment. The effects of Botox will gradually subside in a few months, but before they're completely gone you should schedule another treatment to maintain your results. 

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Slimming of jaw line after botox

Usually slimming of the jawline takes several treatments before seeing any significant reduction in the hypertrophic masseter muscle.

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Botox to the jawline

Botox to the masseter muscles can relax the muscles over time, providing a more attractive appearance to the lower face in someone who is young and does not have drooping of the skin or soft tissue. The ideal candidate is someone with an oval face.  Final results depend on the amount of masseter muscle hypertrophy, and usually requires a minimum of three treatments 3-4 months apart, however, I have had patients respond much sooner.


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How Long for Jaw Slimming Results

Hi Caligirl.  Glad to hear the process is working well for you.  Our patients will normally see something after a month or two, but the full effects of the treatments come after continued use (2-3 visits over the course of a year).  The reason is that the affect of these treatments is to shrink the muscle size through "atrophy".  Atrophy is a process by which the muscle gets smaller because it is being used less.  The reason it is being used less is that Botox (or Dysport which we use) weaken and relax the muscle.  

If you click on the link below you will see photos of an Asian patient that has reached full potential for the jaw slimming treatments.

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Results after Botox for masseter reduction (V-line)

As long as the Botox is active (and your masseter muscle is not), you will continue to notice gradual slimming of your jaw along the angles.  Just like any muscle in your body, when it is unable to work out (due to being relaxed from Botox) it will continue to atrophy (shrink) and become smaller.  Repeated treatments will result in continued slimming.  

Donald B. Yoo, MD
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