What Can I Do for my Asymmetrical Gluteus? (photo)

My butt is in my opinion quite asymmetrical. I had some improvement with working out but It shows in pants, worse in a swimsuit. Despite best efforts, the left side seems to shape up so much better, while the right is still sagging with less gluteal fold. I do not want to make the left look like the right, but vice versa. I do not want an implant. I did see a physical therapist who says my muscles may not be activating on that side. Thanks in advance!

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How Can I Lift My Low Hanging Right Buttocks?

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Creation of an infra gluteal fold is done in the same fashion as the medial thigh tuck first described by Ted Lockwood, M.D.  A small ellipse of posterior thigh and inferior gluteal tissue approximately 3-1/2" long will allow access to place permanent sutures from the SFS to the ischial tuberosity (from the fat below the skin to the bones at the bottom of the buttocks).  Approximately 3 sutures are used.  This will create a crease similar to the one on the left side, and the scar will be deep in the crease.  This surgical procedure will give you a great deal more symmetry than you presently have.

You need to consult with a Board Certified plastic surgeon experienced in lower body lifting procedures.  In my opinion and experience, the resulting scar can be quite favorable. 


Cosmetic Surgery is an Art and a Science

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Thank you for your question. We all have a little asymmetry in our body which makes us look so unique. Tapering liposuction in this area is very common with a small fat fill to get symmetry. Best Wishes..Dr Thomas Narsete Austin, Tx

Asymmetric gluteal fold

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The underlying anatomy and attachments maybe influencing your asymmetry.  It may be possible to do some very conservative liposuction on the less defined side to encourage a small transverse gluteal fold more symmetric with the left side. Doing too much will potentially cause two creases and make your situation worse.  See a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in liposuction and the buttock area to discuss.

Alteration of Gluteal Fold

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    I would have to examine you to determine the best solution.  Some of the answer depends upon gluteal origins and insertions as well as any bony asymmetry and local fatty deposits.  Out of these, only the fatty deposits can be remedied.  As a bodybuilder, I deal with these things all of the time.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, MD

Smart Lipo might be an option for the asymmetry

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Hello and thanks for the question and photos.  Regular liposuction in the gluteal fold area is always done with caution, as the fibrous tissue that creates it can be disrupted.  This will lead to less of a transition from the buttocks to the posterior thighs (the so-called "Brazilian Banana Butt" deformity).  I would recommend seeking a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon who has experience with Smart Lipo Triplex.  Using a laser to break down the fat and tighten the skin, as well as using smaller cannulas, will have a better chance of improving the symmetry of your posterior.  Hope this helps and best of luck.  Robert Kratschmer, MD.  Plastic Surgery, Houston..

Buttock asymmetry

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Our bodies are not symmetric from side to side and can never be made exactly symmetric, even with plastic surgery.  In this situation, a limited liposuction to the affected side will help, but there will still be asymmetry, you will need to weight the risk/reward ratio carefully before consenting to this procedure.

Asymmetric Glutes

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Your buttock asymmetry may be due to mild skeletal abnormalities including scoliosis, hip or pelvic tilt.  While posterior thigh lifting procedures can restore symmetry of the fold, it would not be worth the price of the scar.  All the best!

Buttock Asymmetry

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Your buttock asymmetry may be related to a hip, pelvic or spine abnormality causing your posture to be different from one side to the next. Another possible cuase could be a difference in insertion of the fibers of te infra-gluteal or buttock fold.  Adjusting the fold with surgery is possible would would leav a scar that could be visible in bikinis.  Augmentation on the other side with fat may also help without scars.  Unfortunately, you do not have much fat. An in person consultation would be helpful in clarifying the issues further. All the best.

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