Will the Pixel laser create collagen around the eye area?

Will Pixel create collagen and help lax skin around the inner brow and eye area? I am just starting to lose some collagen there , getting extra skin under my eye brows and corners of my eyes, I need to make more collagen for that area. Botox is not enough for that area when there is a collagen loss and fillers are completely out of the question. Is pixel a possibility? Already tried Ulthera and saw no changes.

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Pixel laser can stimulate collagen growth.

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Pixel laser can stimulate collagen growth, which may thicken the skin and decreases the signs of wrinkles. However the amount of growth is different among patients and it may take several treatments to notice any significant change.

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Extra Skin Under the Eyes

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Hi Anna.  Generally speaking, a fractionated technology like Pixel, can help with skin laxity.  The laser does help to stimulate the production of new collagen.  

The challenge is that if there has too much volume loss and too much excess skin under the eye, the procedure will not accomplish your goals and you would need dermal fillers or surgery.  

We are curious to note that fillers are "completely out of the question".  Did you have a bad experience with fillers?  Not to say they are the correct solution in your case, but they are an excellent option for under the eyes.  

Take a look at the link below to view other Long Beach area patients that have had Restylane injections under the eyes.  Good luck.

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