Still Have Very Distinct Red Square Patches and Microdot Tracks on Cheeks 11 Days After Fraxel - Should I Be Worried? (photo)

I am Asian, and had fraxel (I believe it was fraxel restore) done 11 days ago on most of my face. My cheeks have not healed like the rest of my face. (See photo on one cheek.) There are distinct pink/red squares that are extremely obvious without makeup. I also have microdot tracks on my cheeks that can been seen when looking closely at my skin in the light. Makeup gets trapped in the microdots which can make them more obvious. Will these conditions fade on their own? Is this normal?

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Prolonged redness after Laser Treatment

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I would say, from what I can see in our photos, that the residual redness is not excessive or unusual for 11 days post op.  I would give it more time.

Recovery from Fraxel Laser Treatment

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Hi Kitcat.  The picture you sent seems to show a bit of residual redness.  Laser resurfacing whether with a Fraxel or other kind of fractionated technology can sometimes lead to residual redness or even brown discoloration.  In some cases the discoloration can last several days to several weeks.  

Your practitioner would know best about side effects and after care instructions based on how the procedure was performed.  Without knowing the settings, we would now know whether what you are experienced is expected or not.  If you have not called your practitioner, you should do so.  If the redness is resolving slowly but steadily, then it should resolve totally in the near future.  

Harold J. Kaplan, MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon
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You did not get the Fraxel Laser..There are docs using other lasers and saying it's Fraxel

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Fraxel uses a rolling tracking system and the laser comes out in lines, not squares. The Fraxel is an expensive laser and there is a fee you pay the company every time it is used.  It is the state of the art for laser resurfacing in my opinion.  Doctors buy less expensive lasers and say they are giving you Fraxel.   It looks to me like you have been overtreated for your skin type.  You should go back to your doctor and get evaluated and look at the machine which you were treated with.  

Steven F. Weiner, MD
Panama City Facial Plastic Surgeon
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