Has Anyone Ever Seen a Major Cold Sore Outbreak with Fraxel Dual?

I am 45. I have had two PDT (Blu-U w/levulan as well as IPL/V-Beam/Blu-U w/levulan). Both times, my chin broke out in cold sores. It literally looked like one big crusty, yellow, oozy cold sore. As a result my chin developed pores and a rough texture (scarring?). We pretreated the 2nd one with 2 Valtrex the day before and 2 the day of. I have had IPL, V-Beam, and Clear Brilliant and never had a cold sore. Fraxel was recommended to help with my chin scarring (not major). Worried about outbreak.

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Cold sores after laser treatment

Cold sores after laser treatment may be seen with any type of laser resurfacing procedure, including the Fraxel Dual. Adequate prophylaxis with Valcyclovir can prevent most flares of cold sores. 

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Has Anyone Ever Seen a Major Cold Sore Outbreak with Fraxel Dual?

 Any procedure that produces inflammation and peeling on the face, especially around the mouth, may trigger an outbreak of fever blisters. This happens more often in patients with a previous history of fever blisters/cold sores. It can occur with chemical peels and any of the Fraxel laser procedures. Outbreaks can easily be prevented by taking an antiviral agent such as acyclovir or valacyclovir a few days ahead and continuing a few days after the procedure until the skin is completely healed.

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Cold sore outbreak with Fraxel

  Cold sores may occur after any type of resurfacing procedure.  You need to consider prophylaxis with an antiviral like Valtrex at a much more serious dose than was given to you last time.  Your treating doctor should be able to help you.

Lawrence Kass, MD
Saint Petersburg Oculoplastic Surgeon
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