My UTI keeps coming back positive, Can I get my Breast Augmentation done if I have blood in my urine?

My blood work came back fine. It's just my UTI results keep coming back positive. I've been on antibiotics. First for 3days then for 10days. I went back to do a culture test They told me I had a little blood in my urine, and my ph was high. Now he gave me antibiotics for another 10days. Is this ever gonna clear up ? Can I get my surgery like that ?

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It is best to wait for the UTI to clear up before getting implants, having the UTI while getting breast implants raises your risk for infection greatly and it could just lead to more problems than you wouldn't want to deal with and cause more expenses you wouldn't want to pay. Keep taking the antibiotics and drink a lot of water, even once the UTI is gone, stick to water in order to keep it gone long enough for breast augmentation surgery.

Craig Colville, MD, FACS

Wait until clear

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I'm sorry you are having problems. You should get a urine culture after treatment and Mak sure it's cleared before your implants. There is a risk of bacteria in your bloodstream and getting your implants infected if you had your augmentation with an active infection. You might have stones or bladder reflux that should be addressed by a urologist or urogynecologist. If it recurs after this course of treatment, maybe get a referral to one of them. 

Wesley G. Schooler, MD
Santa Barbara Plastic Surgeon
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My UTI keeps coming back positive, Can I get my Breast Augmentation done if I have blood in my urine?

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As long as you have an active infection you should not be getting breast implants. The risk of infection around the implants and having to remove them is too high.

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
Portland Plastic Surgeon
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Breast augmentation should not be done while you have an active urinary tract infection

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Thank you for your question.  I'm sorry to hear of your difficulty.  Next

It is important that your new urinary tract infection be cured and your urine culture free of bacteria before having breast augmentation.  Breast augmentation involves inserting a foreign body into you and if bacteria are in your bloodstream they may attached to your new implant and cause an infection or possible contributed to capsular formation.

Urinary infection

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I don't think it would be dangerous to have the breast augmentation, but I think you need to figure out why you have recurrent urinary tract infections.  Actually, it is not that uncommon but you need to have it appropriately worked up, preferably by a urologist.

Ronald J. Edelson, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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UTI increases the risk of infection during breast augmentation

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One of the most dreaded complications of breast augmentation is infection because the only way for your body to clear an infection around a breast implant is to remove the implant. This can be devastating for both you and your surgeon. As plastic surgeons, we do everything we can to protect our patients from infections. This can include special preoperative body washes, a perfect sterile technique, and antibiotics during surgery that go into your blood stream and antibiotics to wash the implant and the space where it is placed in your body.

When a surgical procedure is done, the area gets swollen and inflamed as part of the the natural healing process. This area of inflammation is swollen because the blood vessels allow specialized cells to get out of the bloodstream and into the tissues. Patients who have active infections in another part of the body during breast augmentation are at risk for infection. Bacteria from a urinary tract infection, sinus infection, or dental infection can enter your bloodstream and then find their way to site of inflammation. Sometimes this can cause a severe infection, but sometimes it doesn't cause a full blown infection, and instead leads to a film around the implant that can cause capsular contracture - another dreaded complication of breast augmentation.

If you continue to have symptoms of a UTI, you should see your primary doctor to have an evaluation. Some women get frequent UTIs and need to be on suppressive antibiotics, and some women need to urinate immediately after sexual activity to wash out bacteria that enter the urinary system during intercourse. If you are going to make the investment of your time and money into breast augmentation surgery, you should be sure that you have the highest chances of a perfect result, and this would include keeping your risk for infection and capsular contracture as low as possible.

Kamakshi Zeidler, MD
Bay Area Plastic Surgeon
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