Can my raised mole on the tip of my nose be removed with out scarring? (photos)

I've had this mole on the tip of my nose since I was born . I've always been really self conscious about it ,but now more than ever. I've noticed A change since I turned 20. I am now 23 and hoping I can remove this mole before it gets any bigger . I've read online that many dermatologists won't want to do the procedure because they don't want to scar you. What are my options ?

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Mole Removal

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This mole may be able to be removed without scarring depending on what the doctor recommends on the removal process. See a dermatologist to find out if a shave removal would be enough or if they would need to go deeper and remove the entire mole. The shave removal should only leave you with a pink mark. Good Luck 

Combination treatment may be best for mole removal from your nose.

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Hello there! I recommend shave removal to remove the bulk of the mole flat - using a blade or heat (please see my video). If there is any pigment left, then a laser like Alex or Yag can be used to remove the remaining color.

Any time you make an injury to the skin, there is always a risk of a scar - but everybody heals differently. Keeping the surgery site moist and covered for 2+ weeks can greatly aid in the healing process. Further treatments can be done to smooth out the area if needed, from microneedling to resurfacing lasers.  

Andrea Hui, MD
San Francisco Dermatologic Surgeon

Dark moles on the nose tip can be removed nicely.

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The dark raised mole on the tip of your nose can be shaved flat under local easily but the remaining mark will still be dark so it will look like a freckle or age spot. This is still better than the dark bump.  Then a few weeks later  you freeze it lightly with liquid nitrogen to help destroy some of the cells creating the dark color.  This will usually lighten up the spot so it is barely there. sincerely, dr david hansen

David Hansen, MD
Beverly Hills Dermatologic Surgeon
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