Is Micro Botox less lasting than regular botox ?

Since micro botox has been diluted and is injected in smaller amounts , how long will the results last compared to botox beeing injected for muscle relaxing? And is there another method that is better to combate pores and oily skin, to get smoother "airbrush" skin? Thank you

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Micro Botox

Micro Botox is a technique to combat pores and oily skin and get that smoother "airbrushed" skin. It is a different dose than regular botox and the botox is injected differently and usually spread throughout a wide area. Micro Botox is usually injected in the T-zone area, through the entire face, in the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin area. This will give you a smoother finish. Micro Botox may last a little less than regular botox, so more likely to last 2-4 months. Other ways to combat oily skin is use glycolic acid or athelyhdroxy products to help in oil production.  And when oil production decreases, pores will appear diminished. If you want to only address pores and not only oily skin, with the correct type of skin tone, then you can also consider IPL. This will also give your skin a nice finish.

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Micro-Botox is not the same as Botox

Micro-Botox places the Botox within the skin layers, not into the muscles.  Of course there may be a bit of diffusion or movement into the outer muscle.  
The same number of units are used but they are dispersed across a wider are.  The key is placement in the skin, not the muscles, so the pores tighten, the neck and forehead are smoother and the skin looks radiant.  
Micro-Botox goes beyond what Botox will do for the skin and complexion.  The results from Micro-Botox are amazing. 

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Micro Botox and Results

I do "micro" botox injections and find that you get more natural results.  This is just small amounts injected over the area reather than one large amount in a few areas.  The total number of units is the same for the muscles and i find the results are more natural but the longevity is the same.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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What in the world is microbotox? Botox works by does or units. The more you dilute it, the less effective it is and the more likely it will migrate since it is delivered in larger volume of saline. Botox needs to be used until the cosmetic endpoint is achieved. Microbotox is not a thing and its not generally effective or prescribed for reducing pore size or oil production. The cause of your excess oil production needs to be investigated before proper treatment is suggested.

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Hi Swedish.  Thanks for your question.  MicroBotox is largely a marketing tool to help practitioners differentiate themselves from others.  Regardless of how you do the injections, if the product gets to the right muscle groups it will have the same effects.  

We do not set expectations for our patients that Botox will help with large pores and rather have laser treatments and products that help with that.

For examples of before and after pictures for Botox injections in Los Angeles, click on the link below.  

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Micro Botox and Length of Duration

Micro Botox lasts the same amount of time as "regular" Botox. Using smaller micro amounts or "baby" Botox leads to more subtle, natural results.  Please consult a board certified dermatologist with a great deal of experience with Botox for the best cosmetic results.

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Is Micro Botox less lasting than regular botox

Thank you for your question.  As opposed to a more concentrated Botox solution, dilute botox will spread more after injection and lead to more subtle results, though the duration of effects will be the same.  This can be useful in areas that have a lot of smaller wrinkles, like the crows feet, where having the Botox spread more may be more beneficial.  As far as pores, a good skin care regimen, and chemical peels may provide you some benefit.   

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Micro Botox.

Thank you for your question. Smaller amounts of Botox may last the same amount of time although the effectiveness of the product may be altered. There is not another method to achieve smaller pores with this product.

Hope this helps,

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