Melasma is Ruining my Life? (photo)

Some drs dont advise laser I have tried EVERYTHING including laser Before Melasma I frequently got laser tmts w/ fantastic results. my dr advises no laser now treating w/ Retin-A, bleach cream, Vit-C cream sunblock with zinc UVA/UVB wide brim hat, umbrella, sun protective clothing, gloves, sun glasses, avoid sun like the plague STILL HERE Some days lil lighter than others. what else to do, it's ruining my life. avoid going anywhere I dont have to. look older than I am.

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Melarase treatment for melasma in Los Angeles

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I advise my patients to begin a six month course of Melarase AM and Melarase PM, coupled with RR Complex to treat the melasma.  Raffy Karamanoukian, Los Angeles

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A new treatment is available for Melasma with Vitamin C and a Full-Face Iontophoresis Mask

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A new effective, published treatment is available for Melasma with a full-face iontophoresis mask using vitamin C and M2  (Mandelic/Malic acid) skin care.  This may be used alone or in combination with a new low-energy Q-switched ND;YAG laser treatment. This treatment is safe and effective for all skin types.  The article on this treatment was published in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology in January 2013.  The web reference link is included below.

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Melasma is Ruining My Life!

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Hi Owen.  If Melasma is ruining your life, we can help.  We have the ability to use (q-switched) lasers or topical treatments and we choose topical treatments instead of lasers for several reasons.

1.  Neither lasers nor hydroquinone can cure your Melasma.  It will almost always come back and will never disappear completely.

2.  Lasers are very expensive in comparison.  Thousands vs. hundreds of dollars.

3.  Lasers can make your Melasma worse, topicals will never do this.  50% of patients in our laser trials reported worsening of their Melasma.

4.  Lasers take more time and more treatments.  Your time is valuable and our products are used at home and shipped to your home.

5.  Our hydroquinone program works better than our q-switched lasers did.  Only 50% of our laser patients got better whereas 80% of our patients that purchase the topical program use it again.

In trials we did about 5 years ago with high fluence q-switched Nd:Yg lasers (the same ones they use in Asia where HQ is not available), we often had to do 6, 8 or 10 treatments to lighten the Melasma at $400 per treatment.  The lasers did not lighten the Melasma more than the HQ, some patients got worse, and it was 10 times the expense of the topical program.  The only reason we can think of that a medical practice would be using lasers for this purpose would be to take your money. 

Our hydroquinone program is 8% compounded in the office (mixed same day) and in liquid format.  So, if you have not tried this formulation (without Retin A) then you have not tried everything.  The liquid helps it penetrate more easily and the lack of etin A avoids the irritation many patients have.  Ultimately, the proof is in the results.  If you like the before and after pictures at the link below, give us a call as we are in Los Angeles.

Harold J. Kaplan, MD
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