Is it okay to lose 10-15lbs after Breast Augmentation, without my breasts changing?

Last week, I had a breast augmentation. 500 and 475 cc, HP, silicone, under the muscle. I currently weigh 125 lbs and am 5"4'. I realize that I should have reached my goal weight prior to the BA, but unfortunately failed to do so. My breast size pre-op was a full 34A. I am not sure if I lose weight in my breasts - I think I usually lose/gain in my abdomen and face first. I know it is hard to say, but will it be okay to lose 10-15 lbs with my given stats without my breast changing? Thanks!

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Weight loss and it's affect on the breasts

Thanks for your great question. I usually recommend that my patients get to their desired weight prior to surgery.  The reason being that a weight loss of 10 or more pounds after surgery may affect the breasts.  It may not also--just depends on you and how your body responds.  To avoid any surprises, I recommend weight to stay more stable after surgery.  Best of luck to you.

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Weight change after breast augmentation

It is always preferable to accomplish any desired weight changes that are desired before surgery.  In general we recommend that if the weight change is less than 10-15 pounds the breasts may not change significantly while losing 10-15 pounds or more will likely cause change.  However every woman's body is different and it is impossible to predict what the changes to the breast will be.

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Is it okay to lose 10-15lbs after Breast Augmentation, without my breasts changing?

I always encourage my patients  to plan significant weight loss before, not after breast implant surgery.  If you lose 10-15 pounds The size of your breasts may become smaller.  It is better to have your breast implant size chosen before the breasts become smaller after weight loss.  The loss of 10-15 pounds could significantly alter your breast augmentation results.

Weight Loss And Breast Changes

There is no way to accurately predict how your breasts might change with weight loss. Often women do notice size changes when gaining or losing weight and this is different for each person. With loss of fat on the breasts it is possible to see or feel the implant more easily.
All the best

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Weight Loss and Breasts

Hello,Based on your description of your small breasts and large implants, the proportion of implant to natural tissue is probably very high, so loss of more tissue in the weight loss process probably won't change the volume of your breasts much. However, rippling will be a problem for you regardless, especially over time.Best of luck!

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Fluctuations in weight are normal

You may have fluctuations in your weight.  That is completely normal.  The breast is mostly implant now so you will see less of a percentage change.

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Weight loss after breast augmentation

Breast size is usually not dramatically affected in young women by the kind of weight loss you envision. The breast is composed of more glandular than fatty tissue in young women and therefore does not typically change that much.

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No guarantees!

Hi juliex1993, It's a good indicator if you never previously noticed changes in your breast size with weight fluctuations and mostly saw changes in your abdomen (where you want it!). That being said, your breast may still change. There's no guarantees here. The good news is, I don't usually see any significant breast changes with weight fluctuations under 10lbs. In fact, it's pretty normal for most people to have -/+ 10 lbs. with their weight, so that's considered mostly stable. The most important thing is to stay healthy. Best of luck to you!

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Weight loss

Losing weight can change breast augmentation results.  The good news in your case is you started with a small A cup breast, and placed a large implant.  Given these factors, the likelihood that your future weight loss will result in a significant change in your result is small.Hope this helps.
Dr. Ali Mosharrafa

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I think you already know the answer.  If you haven't had significant changes in your breasts before surgery, there is no reason to think that will happen now.  The most important thing is to be healthy.  If you need to lose weight, then please do.

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