I am 24 and had a direct eyebrow lift for slight ptosis. My eyebrows touch my hairline now. Could I fix my eyes? (Photo)

I asked the doctor for blepharoplasty just at the end but he said direct eyebrow lift would work. I only told him to cut the tail of my eyebrows but he cut my entire eeyebrows. I have such a small forehead now. My eyebrows touch my hairline now. Could I fix my eyes. The creases are asymmetrical and round and could I make my forehead long somehow. I'm depressed.

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Direct Browlift: "my eyebrows touch my hairline now!"

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The beauty about RealSelf is that the forum allows you to different opinions in a civilized an polite way: mostly they will agree but there may be some differing suggestions.  

To that end, my suggestions may disagree a tad with some of the others:

1. It appears you never really had a high forehead anyway: your "before" photograph is not ideal. You would be better served with more nuanced answers if you were to submit proper forehead photos before-and-after to allow surgeons the maximum information. Without a proper knowledge of your anatomy prior to surgery, suggestions may be inaccurate. 

2. You should really wait a minimum of 12 months (if not more). In plastic surgery, getting immediate gratification with further procedures generally leads to more problems. Speaking from having seen thousands of patients with "quick-fire" procedures for problems.

3. Tissue expansion, whilst a perfectly sensible suggestion, may not be the best option for you. You will be surprised how much your brows will settle over 12 to 18 months. Again, if your surgeon has accurate measurements of brow-to-hairline, he/she can review options with you. 

4. Frontal and temporal laser hair removal is, to my mind a tad risky. How are you going to age? Will you develop hair-loss with aging? If so, losing some of your frontal hair at this age may come back to bite you. Be careful. I teach my residents and fellows the mantra of "think about your patient at one week, one month, one year, ten years, thirty years ......"

5. This may not be terribly helpful at this stage, but in this era of instant gratification, it needs to be said: from the (albeit not ideal photograph) preoperative photograph you submitted, you should not have had a brow lift. Or any other operation for that matter. When we see patients like you, after a careful analysis, we obtain proper macro photographs and review your concerns with another set six months later, or longer. Only then would possible procedures be discussed, and, even then, more than likely, not suggested if the outcome cannot be predictably assured.

Sometimes you and I and others can learn from experiences: yours is a particularly powerful "learning experience." In future, think carefully before submitting yourself to surgical procedures. See second and third opinions. And when a surgeon turns you down for surgery, he/she may be doing you the biggest favour. 

Post proper photographs in another six months or seek an opinion at that time from a respected local surgeon.

Wish you well.

Prof. Bhupendra C. K. Patel MD, FRCS

Salt Lake City Oculoplastic Surgeon

Direct brow lift in beautiful young woman

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Thank you for your question about your brow lift.

  1. You must find a new plastic surgeon. This procedure was not acceptable esthetically and was not done with your permission. I am so sorry you find yourself in this situation.
  2. Discuss your options with a properly qualified plastic surgeon.
  3. Nothing surgical should be done for at least 6 months.
  4. Six months after surgery, a tissue expander can be placed to stretch the brow skin and raise the brow.
  5. In the meantime, laser hair removal at the hair line will create the appearance of a higher brow.

Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.
Hope you find this information helpful Best wishes

Problems after a brow lift

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You have 2 problems. First the direct brow lift. Whoever did it should really stop practicing plastic surgery. Sure it works but the scar is terrible and in a very prominent position. Not much we can do about that now unfortunately. You have 2 options: we can try to lower the brow by using tissue expanders on the forehead or we can raise the hairline simply by doing laser hair removal. Second problem is the crease asymmetry and shape. This can be improved with filler injection like Belotero.

Peter T. Truong, MD
Fresno Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Reversing brow lift ?

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That is a difficult problem. Revision would require extensive surgery. A simpler option might be to shave the brow hair and draw the line lower to give the illusion that the brow is in a more normal location.

Mehryar (Ray) Taban, MD, FACS
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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I am 24 and had a direct eyebrow lift for slight ptosis. My eyebrows touch my hairline now. Could I fix my eyes?

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Was this a boarded Plastic Surgeon who did this to you? Wow I am so very sorry. Repair would need a forehead tissue expansion to gain lost forehead skin than additional rotation surgery...  

Unwanted Results Post Direct Brow Lift

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Unfortunately, i've seen patients you like after brow lift surgery. The vertical height of your forehead can be increased but the technique will depend on the residual tightness of your forehead.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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