How possible is it to hide your breast augmentation from your family?

-I'm 23, going to be 24 when I plan on getting surgery, 5'3/130 pounds -live with my parents -oldest sister has implants but her reason is because she breastfed and is married mine isn't valid I want the most natural results possible but I don't want them to be small :( is it really possible to hide them from co-workers, my bosses, family and friends?

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Natural looking breasts

Sure you can hide your new breasts for a while depending on what you wear.  Baggy clothes or sweatshirts will do the trick for a while.  But if you wish them to be "natural" as you say, you will have to wear regular clothes as time goes by, and your family will probably figure it our. Get what you wish to make you happy and to feel comfortable.  

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Believable Breasts

In my opinion a good breast augmentation looks natural and believable.  When done with the right technique, implants and implants placement,breast augmentation can be difficult if not impossible to detect.  When done well, in essence your breast can be "dressed up or down" depending on your preference on any given day.   That said not all patients are looking for a natural result.  Some patients desire a large "done " look and that may be a bit harder to conceal. The key for you will be choosing a Plastic Surgeon who shares your taste.  The best way to find this out is by viewing his or her before and after photos a consultation and good communication.  Of course always be sure your surgeon is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

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Hiding a Breast Reduction

You may be able to for a while, but eventually they will probably find out. I would address the unfair dynamics in your family household first. If you are paying for the surgery, it's none of their business.  Why are your reasons invalid?  I don't think so.
Best of luck!

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Hide a breast augmentation

If you have a breast augmentation, and the implants are not too large and your breasts are natural, hiding the improvement can be done with clothing that covers the enlargement.

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Breast Augmentation

Thank you for your question. 
Certian clothing may help to hide your breast augmentation. Summertime will be a little more difficult to achieve this. Think about telling your family & friends, if you are happy with your decision they may be too.

Best of luck.

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Hidding implants

it depends on how big you are going, but keep in mind the recovery period, i advice my patients not to drive or lift their arms for at least 2 weeks, plus the therapies and visits, it would be best to open up to at least someone close to you for support, Best of Luck

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Hiding your breast augmentation

Thanks for your question. In situations like yours I usually advise patients to start stuffing their bras gradually and wearing looser clothing especially around the time of the surgery. Ultimately people will probably be aware of the change and if they weren't worried that your surgery hadn't accomplished enough.
Perhaps a smarter approach would be to be open about it and discuss it with your family is something that's important to you. You might be surprised to find that they support your plan.
Best of luck and good wishes.

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Who knows you have breast implants?

Unless they are very large implants, modest clothing will hide them.  Going to the pool or beach in a swimsuit is a different story.  If you have surgery, you will need at least a few days to recover and you need to decide if you will spend those days with a friend or with your family. If it is with your family they need to know for your own sake that you had surgery. Best wishes.

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Yes, hiding breast augmentation is done often but not recommended to do so for those close to you. You want to gather support from them to help you in your recovery etc.  I often have spouses or family join in the consultation if agreed to by the patient to help everyone get on the same page.  That being said, your body is your body and breast augmentation is your decision to make.  Your first bikini session will be a dead give away however. I find most people become supportive if adequate conversation is had.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any more questions.

Dr. Daniel Barrett
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Breast Augmentation

Interesting question and obviously over time it will be impossible to hide particularly if you wear revealing or tight clothes or go to the beach together.  That said initially wear very loose clothes or bulky oufits to hide the change in your breasts

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