Are Electronic Plastic Surgery Records Shared Among Doctors?

I am curious if medical records are only kept with one doctor or if they are shared/visible in a linked electronic file, between multiple offices? For Example, if I had lipo 5 years ago, can someone who knows me and works at another Dr's office look up my name in their system and see procedures I have done with another doctor not associated with their practice? This question is assuming I have not requested or given permission for a file release.

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Pivacy Standards Are Very Strict

" HIPPA, " the Health Information Privacy Protection Act has many strict regulations about how healthcare information is shared.  Records from a solo practitioner in private practise would not be released to another doctor without your permission.

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Sharing of Electronic Health Records

Dear LidiaC,  Unless a doctor is a partner of the surgeon who performed your liposuction, your health records, be it electronic or paper are treated the same and cannot be shared without your permission.  In practices with partners, because the doctors often have to cross-cover each other's patients, most practices will allow all of the authorized partners access to the medical records of any patient in the practice.  If you have any concerns, contact the surgeon's office who performed your liposuction and discuss their privacy policies with their office manager. 

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Sharing of patient information

Patient information can not be shared with other doctors in different offices unless a patient gives permission to do so.

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Privacy of Plastic Surgery records

Thank you for asking about the privacy of your plastic surgery care.

  1. Federal privacy laws are strict but but electronic medical records can be hacked.
  2. Paper records and electronic ones in a solo private in-office server mean only your doctor's office can see them and release requires your written permission.
  3. Paper and now electronic records on cloud servers for multi-doctor practice and hospital servers have may have open access to information to users in the group and can be hacked by outsiders. In doubt? Ask your surgeon.

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Physicians cannot share patient files without consent of the patient.

The short answer to your question is no. Without a consent physicians cannot share information about their patients which often times to the detriment of the patient.

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Privacy of Medical Records

Dear LidiaC,

Medical records maintained by your doctor are typically kept private according to the standards set forth by the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), unless you give permission for the information to be shared.

Having said that, some medical information may be collected outside a HIPAA setting, and therefore not subject to the same standards. You may also be required to share your medical information in other situations such as obtaining insurance coverage, an employment opportunity, application for government benefit, investigations of health and safety at your work site, and legal affairs.

I hope this helps.

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