Cleft Lip Palate Repair for an Adult? (photos)

I've been lucky and blessed to have had my cleft repaired at CHLA as I grew up. Unfortunately once I turned 21 I stopped receiving cleft repair treatments. I was pleased with the results and felt I was done with surgery however, I've been dealing with self esteem issues lately.. Now that I am 32 I'm not fully satisfied with my appearance and I am aware that I will not achieve a perfect appearance but if there is improvement that can be achieved I'd like to know if in your opinion is worth it.?

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Adult Cleft Repair

Absolutely there a procedures that can be done to continue to improve the appearance of your lip scar and nose.  You have had good work done so far, but small touch ups may help.  If you don't want to undergo surgery again, you may consider laser treatments or dermabrasion for the lip scar. A revision rhinoplasty with dorsal augmentation and tip projection may improve your nose.The question of whether or not it is "worth it" is not one for me to answer.  I am a surgeon, I love surgery, and there are always more surgeries we can do to improve appearance.  Whether that will help your self esteem or not I cannot promise.  Look within yourself and think of what about you makes you a beautiful person (not just looks).  If you can come up with many things that are great about yourself, a surgery may not add much.
Best of luckDr Rodman

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Cleft Lip and Palate Repair for Adults

Thank you for your question. From your photographs, it appears that you have a very good result of your cleft lip repair. However, regardless of age, you should be able to continue to seek care for your cleft lip and palate.  You can also speak with ACPA-accredited team members about the areas that bother you specifically to see if you are a candidate for further treatment or surgery.

Sharline Z. Aboutanos, MD
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