Insurance for Cleft lip repair?

I have a unilateral cleft lip. The next surgery I plan to do (US based) involves rhinoplasty in raising my left nostril as well as lip revision. I'm looking for some insurance companies known to cover this. I'm from the Caribbean and some local insurance providers isn't known to cover this so please keep in my mind that the insurance should be covered globally. Also, do you have to fight in making a claim for coverage or is it easily granted? Thank you.

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Insurance coverage

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My answer is also, it depends.  Whatever policy you chose, look carefully at the benefits, deductibles and copays.  Most insurance cover surgeries related to clefts, but for many it is a fight to get it covered.  Most cleft surgeons are familiar with this fight and now how to word documents and the office knows how to battle. 
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Insurance Coverage for Cleft Lip and Palate Revision Surgery

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Thank you for your questions. Each insurance policy has different clauses regarding coverage for surgery pertaining to cleft lip and palate conditions. This may also depend on the state that you choose to obtain your insurance policy through. It will be important for you to read through the policy and make sure that cleft lip and palate, including cleft nasal conditions, are covered. 

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