What can I do to make breast (implants) feel softer?

Two months ago I decided to get a breast augmentation. Doctor went with Natrelle Silicone filled style 15 at 457cc. I've been massaging about 2 times a day yet i still feel firm. When I massage, I notice they start to get a bit softer but a few moments after I stop, my breast will feel firm again. They are a bit softer from my first month of post-op but I'm scared that these are signs of encapsulation. If so, is there anything i can do to prevent it from happening since i'm only two months out?

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Breast Implant Softness

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Despite what was told to you, implant displacement techniques (massaging) have not been proven to soften normal implants nor prevent capsular contracture.  Although there are reports of implant massage, high dose vitamin E, external ultrasound, and drugs like Singulair softening scar capsules, it has failed the test of scientific scrutiny (in other words, they only work as well as random chance).  In fact, there is evidence to the contrary: one of the latest articles published in PRS in November of 2013 showed an increase risk of capsular contracture in a group of selected surgeons that prescribe implant massage!

If your breasts seem symmetrical in shape and feel, it is less likely you have capsular contracture.  It is difficult to ascertain why you feel they are firm, but one reason might be that they are relatively large implants and your tissue are draped tightly over them.  In general, your tissues will expand and you'll have some relaxation and softening with time. 

Best of luck!

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Have patience

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This sound like normal healing. Massage is not as well recommended as it had been in the past, but it still can help to relax the muscle in sub muscular implants. It usually takes 3-6 months for the soft tissues to stretch out and relax. It is very rare to develop a contracture in 1-2 months after a primary augmentation. If you have a symmetric result you should wait for a few months, but consult your doctor sooner. Thanks 

Wesley G. Schooler, MD
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Firmness of the breasts

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Firmness of the breasts is normal for the first few months after breast augmentation. It is unlikely that you are experiencing capsular contracture this early (although it does rarely occur early). You should share your concerns with your surgeon and follow his recommendations.

Neal Handel, MD
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Too hard?

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So far, what you are describing, seems totally normal and fine. I also believe that massage for 3-4 months after surgery speeds up the softening. Your breast characteristics will change for MANY months yet. Ask your surgeon to check though to be certain as examination is the best way to know. In my opinion, you are already doing all that YOU can do to aid in your recovery process.

How to make breast implants softer

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You are very early in your recovery and in most cases the breast implants continue to soften over the first 3 months post op.  Breast implant displacement exercises and pectoralis muscle stretching exercises can help this process.

If you can move your implants a capsular contracture is very unlikely.  However you should see your plastic surgeon for an examination to reassure you.

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