Do big mustaches and beards help disguise a large nose from a profile view?

I was wondering if growing out a lengthy beard and mustache would help make my nose look smaller from the profile side. I don't know if it would work, wanted to know a professional opinion.

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Effect of facial hair on the profile and relative proportions of the nose

Growing a beard or goatee will in fact reduce the appearance of a small or weak chin.  When the chin is small relative to the nose, the nose will look even larger in relation.  By increasing the size of the chin - or at least making it appear larger - by either augmenting it with chin augmentation or growing facial hair, the nose will appear smaller.  

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A mustache and beard does not discuss a large nose from the profile view

A beard and a mustache can help disguise a weak chin profile, but not disguise a large nose. Computer imaging may also be of some help to give you an idea what you may  look like after the rhinoplasty procedure. For many examples of what can be accomplished with a rhinoplasty, please see  the link below

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