Lopsided Surgisil Lip Implants

I had Surgisil lip implants 11 days ago. The top one has moved over to one side. My doctor wants to wait a month before fixing it. I'm concerned about scar tissue and would like it corrected immediately. What should I do? Is there any advantage to waiting a month? What could have caused this?

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Permalip Lip Implant

After surgery with the Permalip lip  implant it is very important to massage the two ends to keep the implant centered until the tunnels have healed. This may take 2-3 weeks. If you did not do this and the implant has migrated sideways it will probably require correction. Waiting  4-6 weeks is a good idea though to allow the surgical site to settle before going back in.

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Post Procedure Permalip Implant Instructions

After the corners of your mouth heal from the incisions and your sutures are out, Surgisil specifically says to make sure your implants stay centered 3 times a day, or so (particularly after eating when you have moved your mouth a lot).  You can squeeze the implants back and forth to center them.  You also want to squeeze them back and forth to keep the pocket loose while your lips heal.  In addition, you should stretch your mouth as wide open as possible and also use your fingers to gently stretch your lips.  It takes a couple months for the pocket to heal.  While the pocket is healing, you want to keep it loose/stretched out so you don't get a capsular contracture where the capsule that forms around the implant becomes tight (a foreign body/object always causes the body to wall it off by forming a capsule around the implant, just like in breast augmentation) .  Your lips will look and feel better if you are sure to follow these post procedure instructions.  If you had the implants recently placed and can't center them, you need to see your doctor.  Make sure you don't just leave your implant off center.  If you do that, the pocket will heal around it there and you won't be able to move it.

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Lopsided Surgisil Lip Implants

Thank you for your question. It depends. If the implant is obviously displaced, one may consider earlier intervention. However, during the early phase of healing following lip implantation, swelling can obscure accurate assessment of implant position. In most cases, it is preferable to allow for the swelling to recede to better assess the implant position prior to considering intervention. Discuss your concerns with your surgeon.

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Lopsided lip implants 10 days from the surgery could be due to swelling

I would listen to your doctor and wait at least a month if not more. There is still swelling at the 10 day point so that you will not really know what to think at this point.  You can always do this later on at the one month point.  swelling can really throw off your ability to judge the long term results. 

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If lip implants shift, then get them repositioned since it is so easy to do.

Lip implants rarely shift but if they do, then just get them repositioned and you will enjoy them more.  It is easy and quick to do.  Sincerely,

David Hansen,MD

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Lip implants

Permanent lip implants can do exactly what they are in you. They can migrate. You may be better off removing them and then eventually using fillers to augment the lip.

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